grammar-of-god “In a word, it’s brilliant. And beautiful…even if you’ve no interest in religion, the linguistic excursion here is not to be missed.”

– Barbara Mahaney, The Chicago Tribune

“One of the many pleasures of this new book is to see the process by which Kushner struggles to come to an understanding of the text in language that at once is poetic and does justice to its source.”

– Beth Kissileff, Tablet

“A paean, in a way, to the rigors and frustrations–and ultimate joys–of trying to comprehend the unfathomable.”

Kirkus Reviews

“An enlightening, sometimes daring work that will help its readers approach an ancient book with fresh eyes.”

Shelf Awareness

“It is a unique book that defies categorization—part autobiography, part guided introduction to the complexities of biblical language and the perils of translation.”

– Howard Freedman, JWeekly

“Aviya Kushner has written a passionate, illuminating essay about meaning itself. The Grammar of God is also a unique personal narrative, a family story with the Bible and its languages as central characters.”

– Robert Pinsky

“What a glorious book! From Sarah’s laughter to the idea of a Jewish law being a dialogue and not a rigid set of rules, this is a book not only to learn from but to savor.”

– Peter Orner, author of Love and Shame and Love

“Kushner reminds us that in Hebrew, beautiful things are also beautiful words. Her gift as a writer is to take us very near to the text, breathe into it, and give it a new life.”

– Rodger Kamenetz, author of the Jew in the Lotus

“In this splendid book, each page is a wonder.”

– Willis Barnstone, translator of The Restored New Testament

“Meditative and and prayerful.”

– Edward T. Wheeler, Commonweal